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Jason P. Marino

Doctor of Physical Therapy 


As a Doctor of Physical Therapy for 20 years, Jason Marino, PT, DPT, has delivered unparalleled clinical excellence and customer service to patients and clients in a variety of settings including outpatient clinics, hospitals, home healthcare, and rehabilitation hospitals. He has worked with those affected by complex orthopedic and neurological conditions, world-class athletes, and has customized personal health & wellness programs. 


Passionate about individuals accessing world-class service regardless of location, he launched a mobile practice to bring his skills and expertise to your place of residence and/or business.  His comprehensive approach to your personalized functional mobility, health and wellness is second to none. 

In his spare time, Dr. Marino enjoys spending time with his family traveling, hiking, running, biking and adventure racing.  He has competed in athletics (baseball, wrestling, soccer, and more), marathon and ultra-marathon distance running (100K, 100-mile, Grand Canyon R2R2R) and taekwondo. Staying physically and mentally fit are essential components of optimal aging.   

Whether you are age 7 or 107, it is NEVER too late to reach your maximum potential! Dr. Marino will help get you there.

 "Knowledge is powerful but only action gets results."

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Dr. Marino / Grand Canyon, AZ  / R2R2R
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